Complaints Policy

Minx Complaints Procedure

At Minx Consulting we are committed to providing our customers with an excellent level of service. However, we recognise that sometimes we get it wrong, and when we do, we would like you to tell us so that we can put things right as quickly and smoothly as possible. With this in mind, we have developed a Complaints Procedure which explains who you should contact and what do if you have a complaint about Minx Consulting services. The Complaints Procedure is described below.

Contacting us:-

If you would like to make a complaint about our service, consulting or training, please call our office on 0114 290 3614. These lines are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, there are times we may not be in the office as we are dealing with our clients and customers offsite, your call will be answered by the STEP Business Centre Staff.

If you would prefer to write to us instead, please address your letter to:

Complaints FAO: Quality Manager
Minx Consulting
Office 4
STEP Business Centre
Wortley Road
South Yorkshire
S36 2UH

How we will deal with your complaint:-

When you contact us, we will normally ask you to give us the following information to deal with your complaint as efficiently as possible:

• Company Name and Account Number (If Applicable to identify you on our system)

• Name, Contact Phone Number and Postal Address (So we can contact you)

• Nature of the Complaint (Including any relevant detail we need to understand your complaint better.)

You can give this information to us over the phone or in writing. When we have registered your complaint, we will give it an identification number (a Unique Number) that you can reference to in any further contacts with us regarding your complaint.

We will make every effort to resolve your complaint when you first contact us. However, this is not always possible and we may have to investigate your complaint further with our management.

Whatever your complaint, we will give you our initial response to it in no longer than 10 working days from when you notified us. If you are not happy about the way in which your complaint has been handled, you can call us on 0114 290 3614 and ask to speak to the Quality Manager.

If after having contacted us, you are still not satisfied about the way we have dealt with your complaint, you should ask for your complaint to be reviewed by the Managing Consultant. We aim to resolve all complaints within 20 working days from when you notify us, but more complex cases may take longer so bear with us.

Signed ……………………………… Date: 15/05/2018
Managing Consultant
Next Review Date: 15/05/2019